World Curriculum Project:  Project Subjects

N.B. Categories are intended to serve as a general guide and not an authority on cataloguing.  Some of the subjects may, in actuality, fall under multiple categories.


Category: M

a) General course: counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division; quantity, structure, space, and change
b) Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus
c) Statistics
d) Other

Category: L
Language Arts/Language

a) General course: writing, reading, rules of grammar
b) Learning a second language
c) Novels, poetry, songs
d) Journalism
e) Other

Category: S

a) General course
b) Astronomy, astrophysics
c) Biology, biochemistry, botany, chemistry
d) Earth science
e) Forestry
f) Genetics
g) Geology
h) Zoology
i) Physics
j) Other

Category: H
History and Government

a) General: Local or national history, past or present
b) General: World History, past or present
c) Political theories
d) Other

Category: A

a) Sketching, drawing, painting, pottery
b) Singing, music, acting
c) Philosophy
d) Art history
e) Other

Category: SS
Social Sciences

a) Psychology
b) Anthropology
c) Sociology
d) Political Science
e) Economics
f) Geography
g) Social Studies
h) Other

Category: AC
Alternative Course

a) Conflict resolution
b) Bullying
c) Health studies
d) Genocide
e) United Nations
f) National traditions
g) Museum studies
h) Hunting/Food preparation
i) Globalization
j) Other (anything you deem teachable/learnable!)