World Curriculum Project FAQs

1. Who can contribute: Any individual who has experience in curriculum development or instructional design.

2. I am a student of education, can I still contribute?:   Yes! Students in post-secondary programs may contribute to the Project if they have had previous training in creating curricula.

3. What subject-areas should the curriculum be designed for?: Subject areas include basic mandatory primary and secondary subjects in your respective country or territory (e.g., Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, etc.), or specialized curriculum (e.g., conflict resolution, genocide, journalism, psychology, dance etc.).   For a complete list of acceptable subjects, please go to the Project Subjects link.

4. What ages should the curriculum be designed for?:  Curriculum should be designed for students in primary and secondary levels only.

5. Can I contribute curriculum that I have already designed: Yes! As long as it is not currently published. *Please do not submit copy-righted material*.

6. Can I submit curriculum designed for students with special or developmental needs: Yes! We also encourage material that encompasses inclusive education practices.

7. I want to share subjects related to my home country:  You are welcome to create curriculum in which students can learn about your country; subjects can include the history of the country, geological and ecological facts, national foods, languages and anthems, key social issues, important figures in history, current events, etc.

8. What are the length requirements for the curriculum?: Lesson plans can be as short or as long as you wish. For example, they can be designed for a 30 minute lesson, a 1 hour per day for 3 months lesson plan, a 12 week-long program, etc. You will need to specify this in your application.

9. Will I be recognized for my work?:  Yes, your name will be published with your submitted curriculum, unless you choose not to. You will be credited for the entirety of your curriculum.

10. Can curriculum be submitted by a group or team?:  Yes!